We offer COMPLIMENTARY delivery for events up to 75km from our Moncton warehouse!
Are you outside of our free delivery range but would like to rent? No problem!
Any deliveries past the 75km is simply $2/km.
 If your 100km from Moncton, the first 75km are free, so you pay $2/km after that (there and back).
15km x $2 = $30
There & back ($30 x 2)
You're delivery fee would simply be $60!
This fee is simply to account for additional rental hours for the truck, gas and accommodations if we need to spend the night!


If the venue allows set-up the evening before, we will gladly accommodate an evening-before delivery!  


In fact... we prefer that!


If not, we will discuss with you the best time to arrive for set up the morning of.


We will be present for the ceremony so that we are able to switch your set up into the reception.  This service is also included in the listed price for local orders!


If the venue allows for next-day pick up, we will gladly come pick up your items early the next morning!


 You bet we prefer that too!  This allows you to enjoy the rentals for the entirety of your night, without us having to pick everything up while the party is still happening.


If next day pick up is not an option, we will discuss what time is best to come pick up our items the night of.  Please note that any pickups past 9pm will incur some additional fees.


There are no additional fees for next day pickup!